5th Grade Math Curriculum

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This curriculum is being PRE-RELEASED. Currently, there are THREE units complete. Please understand that by purchasing now, you are not receiving a completed curriculum. You are buying in before the price increases as additional content is added, which will be above and beyond what is in the preview. See estimated completion dates for each unit below.

What's included?
This purchase will include eight editable, complete and content-rich 5th grade math units. Activities will not be included in this bundle.

Curriculum Units - All Units are Editable!
Each unit includes pacing guides, warm ups, notes, worksheets and assessments. All completion dates are currently estimates and are subject to change.

►Unit 1 – Place Value Completed by the end of August 2017
►Unit 2 – Operations with Whole Numbers Completed by the end of September 2017
►Unit 3 – Decimal Operations Completed by the end of October 2017
►Unit 4 – Fraction Concepts - COMPLETE
►Unit 5 – Addition and Subtraction of Fractions - COMPLETE
►Unit 6 – Multiplication and Division of Fractions - COMPLETE
►Unit 7 – Graphing and the Coordinate Plane Completed by the end of November 2017
►Unit 8 – Geometry and Volume Completed by the end of December 2017

Release Date Information :

►The units are being released out of order because I have already started some of them. They were started months before I nailed down the pacing!

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Due to the nature of these resources, there is no refund available. Please read everything carefully before purchasing. If you would like clarification on anything before purchase, please email me at lindsayperro@gmail.com
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Once you purchase a membership to this site, you are granted a single, personal use license to each resource included within the website. As long as you are a paying member of the site, you will have access to these resources. If you cancel your membership before the balance is paid in full (for those on a payment plan), you will forfeit your license and access to all resources.

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