Algebra 1 Intervention Program

Everything you need for Algebra 1 Intervention!

This GROWING RESOURCE currently contains FIVE of 10 units. The units will be completed based on the timeline provided in the preview and the product description.

Intervention works best when students work in small, targeted groups. This resource provides basic skills practice for all of the major Algebra 1 Standards, as well as some Algebra 1 Prep Standards. The questions were not designed for high level learners, so questions are simple enough for students to focus on the process rather than thinking their way through complicated scenarios.

Each skill comes with the following resources :
➢ Tracking Sheet – Record the dates and scores for each activity as well as the entire unit.
➢ Pre and Post Assessments per skill cluster – A simple pre and post assessment will be included for each skill cluster.
➢ Scaffolded Notes – Notes that have been broken down for students to fill in the details. Since this will not be the first time students have seen the information, these notes will not be as detailed as introductory notes.Two versions are included - blank and completely filled in
➢ Review Sheet – A quick review, student input section and problems intended to be used as guided practice.
➢ Practice Worksheet – Use as independent or partner practice.
➢ Error Analysis – Each problem is solved incorrectly. Students identify the error(s) and then solve correctly

Suggestions for Use :
Keep this resource printed in a binder in your classroom. Intervention teachers, assistants, volunteers, etc. can easily grab it and work with a small group of students on a set of skills designated by you. Worksheets can be completed as printed sheets, or place them in sheet protectors and give students for re-usable, dry erase practice.

How do I get the new content when added?
I do not make any guarantees that work will be completed before the projected dates in the table of contents. To get the new material, just logout of your dashboard and log back in. Everything will be there!

Algebra 1 Intervention Program Units :
Unit 1 : Rational Numbers Review Unit (Algebra Prep Unit) - Included
Unit 2 : Simplifying Expressions Review Unit (Algebra Prep Unit) - Included

Unit 3 : Solving Equations and Inequalities Unit - Included
Unit 4 : Linear Functions Unit - Completed by the end of August 2018
Unit 5 : Graphing Linear Relationships Unit - Completed by the end of September 2018
Unit 6 : Systems of Linear Equations Unit - Completed by the end of October 2018
Unit 7 : Graphing Inequalities Unit - Completed by the end of October 2018
Unit 8 : Exponential Functions Unit - Included
Unit 9 : Simplifying and Factoring Polynomials Unit - Included
Unit 10 : Quadratic Functions and Equations Unit - Included

Release Date Information:
Release dates are tentative and subject to change. While units may be released prior to the anticipated date, they are not guaranteed until the end of that month. There are no units promised in June or July due to the summer when I will be making my children a priority. :)

Why are the units being released out of order? Since this bundle is being released in the middle of the school year I wanted to get units done first that teachers could still use this year.

Licensing Terms :

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Copyright Information :
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Class Curriculum

  Intervention Program Information
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  Unit 1 - Rational Numbers
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  Unit 2 - Simplifying Expressions
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  Unit 3 - Solving Equations and Inequalities
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  Unit 4 - Linear Functions
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  Unit 8 - Exponential Functions
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  Unit 9 - Simplifying and Factoring Polynomials
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  Unit 10 - Quadratic Functions and Equations
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