Algebra 1 Unit and Activities Bundle

This bundle will carry you through much of a standard Algebra 1 curriculum! There are over 1,100 pages of resources included!

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This bundle will carry you through much of a standard Algebra 1 curriculum! There are over 1,100 pages of resources included!

Most items overlap with my 8th Grade Math Curriculum Resources Endless Bundle.
• Algebra 1 Assessments Bundle
• Algebra Common Core Standards Checklists
• Algebra Equations PowerPoint Review Game
• Algebra Prep Summer Packet
• End of Year Algebra 1 Choice Board
• Equations and Expressions Unit Resources
• Equations, Expressions and Inequalities : Middle School Math Foldable Style Notes
• Exponents and Scientific Notation Unit
• Factoring and Solving Polynomials Notes
• Factoring Polynomials Algebra Stations : Algebra Stations
• Factoring Polynomials PowerPoint Review Game
• Factoring Quadratic Expressions Activity
• Factoring Trinomials Task Cards
• Financial Literacy : Middle School Math Stations
• Finding Slope : Middle School Math Stations
• Graphing Linear Equations Unit Plan
• Inequalities : Middle School Math Stations
• Inequalities PowerPoint Review Game
• Polynomials and Factoring Unit Plan
• Probability Unit
• Quadratic Equations : Algebra Stations
• Scatter Plots and Line of Best Fit Activity
• Slope Unit Resources
• Systems of Equations Unit : 8th Grade Math
• Writing Linear Equations Unit Plan

  • "Lindsay, you are an angel sent from above! :) Not only will I be a first year teacher next year, I will be a first year teacher teaching Algebra 1. Although I am extremely excited about my position, I can not lie, I've been a little stressed out. Well, thanks to you, no more! I am so excited about this Algebra 1 bundle and all of the resources/activities it has to offer. Everything just looks so amazing! I can't wait to use them all!! - From the bottom of my heart, Thank you!" - Shawn (July 2017)
  • "This a fantastic bundle of activities, notes and other resources!! I have used many of the activities and the students really enjoy the practice they provide. Thanks for the quality resources!" - Amy (May 2017)
  • "This was the best purchase I've ever made as a teacher! Sure, it was a lot of money so I debated it quite a bit, but I am SO glad I ended up buying this :) As a first year Algebra 1 resource teacher, this has helped out more than I possibly could have asked for! Thank you for the great work. I don't know where I would be without it." - Marissa (Sept 2015)

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